Hospice Care

The word hospice has become a word of taboo. No one likes to talk about, but it must be addressed. The decision of hospice care carries heavy weight. Not only is it a critical decision to make, but more importantly, it’s a personal decision. If hospice is the avenue of your choice, it’s imperative that you are clear with your wishes and you should be proactive in taking steps to see that your affairs are in proper order.

Here at Pyke & Associates, P.C., we work with clients and families who have made the choice to seek hospice care. Our goal is to address your legal concerns that arise, making certain that the time you and your family spend together is not tainted with the obligatory hassle of legality. We ensure that your legacy, assets and autonomy will be protected during such a difficult time.

Reach out to Pyke & Associates, P.C. today and get answers to your questions. You may be asking:

  • How can I make sure I get hospice care if that is what I choose?
  • What legal issues should be taken care of before a patient goes into hospice?
  • How can Pyke & Associates, P.C. attorneys service my needs?

Well let’s see…

How can I make sure I get hospice care if that is what I choose?

Making your wishes clear to your family and medical providers is a key component to ensuring your wishes are accommodated. You have the right to make hospice care a primary option by utilizing several different tools to assist you. By initiating an Advanced Directive for Healthcare (ADHC), you can express your preferences for hospice care and so much more. An ADHC is a document expressing a person’s wishes about critical care when he is unable to decide for himself. With an ADHC, individuals have the power to make future decisions about their own critical care without outside influence. With an ADHC, you may also name a healthcare proxy. This means, if a healthcare decision has to be made and you are unable to make a decision yourself due to incapacitation, your healthcare proxy will be asked what to do.

You may also choose to have a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) on file. A DNR is an order that can go in all of your medical records and files to alert healthcare providers that you do not want CPR or other life-prolonging measures taken in the event of an emergency. Pyke & Associates, P.C. is here to ensure that all appropriate legal documents are created with your wishes in mind and making your preference for hospice care clear.

What legal issues should be taken care of before a patient goes into hospice?

Going into hospice can bring on worrisome thoughts realizing you are approaching the end of your life; on the other hand, when entering hospice you do have the benefit of making plans to ensure your loved ones are taken care of in your absence. There are several other legal documents targeting key legal issues that you can use at your discretion to protect and provide for your loved ones left behind.

  • Make a plan for incapacity. You can utilize a Power of Attorney (POA), Living Trust, and other legal documents to specify who is in charge of managing and protecting your estate when you are no longer able. This will aid in keeping the inheritance of your heirs, protected.
  • Create a comprehensive Estate Plan. You should have a Will, and potentially also have Trusts to facilitate an easier transfer of assets outside of probate. Every person’s situation is unique, and Pyke & Associates, P.C. takes all details of your estate into consideration. Your Estate Plan may be aimed at avoiding or reducing estate taxes as well as providing special protection plans to certain heirs to avoid losing money quickly.

How can Pyke & Associates, P.C. attorneys service my needs?

The legal direction you decide to embark on is specific and personal to each individual. Reach out to Pyke & Associates, P.C. today, to learn how we can better serve you and your needs. Call us at 770-507-2500 or contact us online at www.cpyke.com if you or a loved one are debating on hospice care. We can help you make those tough decisions and cater to your legal needs at the same time.

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