Veteran’s Benefits

Veterans have earned many benefits by serving our country. Most veterans aren’t even aware of all the assistance they qualify for. Pyke & Associates, P.C. is honored to support and accommodate our service men and women, and their families.

If you are a veteran and you need assistance learning about how to maximize your veterans’ benefits, call Pyke & Associates, P.C. today at 770-507-2500. Our team members will offer you a personalized assessment of your eligibility and help you move forward with the application process. We can also answer many generalized questions about veterans’ benefits including:

  • What are some of the different types of veterans’ benefits that are available?
  • What should I do if I’m a veteran who is in need of benefits?
  • How can Pyke & Associates, P.C. service my needs regarding veterans’ benefits?

Below are some brief answers to those questions.

What are some of the different types of veterans’ benefits that are available?

Most veterans are aware they have access to healthcare benefits including medical screenings and diagnostic services. In addition to the medical benefits, veterans are also aware of the pensions which are provided based on the length of their service. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to programs and services available to veterans.

There are disability benefits for veterans of all ages who endured a service related health issue. Some senior veterans also qualify for special programs geared toward heart problems, no matter what the cause.

Whether you suffer from a specific illness or are simply impaired by natural effects of aging, there is a program for you.

Some of the different veteran’s healthcare programs include:

  • Aid & attendance benefits, which increase pension funds for bedridden veterans. Other veterans requiring additional medical care, may also qualify for these benefits.
  • Medical foster homes, which provide assistance for veterans who temporarily need help meeting their medical needs.
  • Adult daycare services, which can prevent aging seniors from being placed in a nursing home sooner than they need to be. These services provide activities and assistance with routine acts of daily living.
  • Nursing home services, including a place in a VA home or a community nursing home.

Some services are free, or come at a very low cost to veterans and their families. Some services require you pay a portion of the cost depending your level of income. Your service record, health status, and financial status are all going to dictate which benefits you qualify for.

What should I do if I’m a veteran who is in need of benefits?

Our attorneys here at Pyke & Associates, P.C. are proud to provide assistance to Veterans. Some ways we are able to service our veterans are:

Evaluating benefits that you are eligible for. Eligibility is based on your service record, your health status, your income, and your family resources. The benefits in question are not just for the veteran, but also for their families. For example, caregivers could potentially be eligible for respite care which means they could be granted some alone time – a break from their daily duties of being a full time caregiver.

Navigating the bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the VA struggles with issues such as: outdated computer systems and long waiting lists for certain types of patient care. There are, however, ways to navigate the bureaucracy and expedite your application, but you will need a professional advocate to help.

Dealing with denials. If you are denied access to any benefits which you are entitled to, Pyke & Associates, P.C. can help determine what went wrong and what alternatives you have.

How can Pyke & Associates, P.C. service my needs regarding veterans’ benefits?

Now that we’ve briefly answered some frequently asked questions, it is important that you understand these are only a few reasons why veterans in need should reach out to Pyke & Associates, P.C. We have a long history of helping clients in Atlanta, Stockbridge, Peachtree City and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys and team members will work hard to fight for you and for your rights. Give a call today at 770-507-2500 or contact us online at We look forward to serving you.

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