Our Client Care Program

Many of our clients tend to breathe a sigh of relief once they sign their estate planning documents… but it doesn’t end there. Because laws change and family circumstances change, we have always offered estate plan review meetings to our clients to keep their estate plans current.

These periodic reviews are sufficient for some clients, but many experience more frequent life and family changes (births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, deaths, disability, etc.) that create a need to update their estate plan. When clients do come in for an estate plan review meeting, they often have minor updates or new concerns to look after. Those changes and costs can add up over the years. To make this review process even easier and more cost-effective for our clients, we created our client care program called the Annual Maintenance Program (AMP). This optional program gives clients the opportunity to make their estate plan easier to maintain for a reasonable annual flat fee. It also provides them the reassurance that their estate plan will be current and work the way they want it to when it is needed most.

How many times have you thought about coming in to address a family change or a new concern but you were afraid of what it might cost? With our Annual Maintenance Program, the majority of the changes you may need to make are covered with an affordable annual flat fee!

This optional Annual Maintenance Program (“AMP”) is designed to help you keep your estate plan current and keep you informed about estate planning matters through an annual confirmation letter verifying the terms of your plan, an optional attorney meeting, periodic newsletters, and exclusive AMP member only seminars. Our law firm has always believed in routine reviews and keeping things current, but we’ve learned that if we leave it up to our clients, they seldom do it! The AMP is a simple, cost effective way for us to help you keep your plan current and you informed. Plus, there are huge benefits to others in your family.

Cost: $395 / year

Annual Maintenance Program (“AMP”)

  • All of the “regular client support” plus…
  • Free Annual Attorney Review Meeting. Each year you can call to schedule a 30 minute meeting with an attorney to review your estate planning documents;
  • Free annual “confirmation letter” verifying terms of your estate plan. Each year this letter will be sent to you and will also review recent changes in the law and suggest revisions to your plan;
  • Free changes of the designated trustee, personal representative, agent and/or guardian in your estate planning documents requested without a consultation with an attorney in the Law Firm;
  • Free revisions of your estate plan dealing with changes to individual beneficiary names or percentages requested without a consultation with an attorney in the Law Firm;
  • Free Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care for your parents, siblings and adult children (over the age of 18) who are Georgia residents and attend an estate planning seminar presented by the Law Firm;
  • 15% discount on the Law Firm’s regular legal fees for any changes to your estate planning documents not covered under this Agreement;
  • 10% discount on the Law Firm’s regular legal fees for any trust or estate administration work done after the death of either spouse;
  • Free preparation of annual minutes for corporate entities prepared and maintained by the Law Firm;
  • Free periodic events exclusively to AMP members;
  • Free tools to assist you in the creation of a “Legacy Letter.” This is an opportunity for you to tell your life story in your own words, to express your beliefs and values and to convey what matters most to your loved ones;
  • A copy of our book – Estate Planning Basics: 38 Common Questions About Estate Planning;
  • Free annual financial check-up with Stewardship Financial Advisors, LLC, a separate and distinct firm from the Law Firm.

For more information about the services and benefits offered in Annual Maintenance Program, please call us today for a free informational package at (770) 507-2500.

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