Estate Planning Basics:
A Crash Course in Safeguarding Your Legacy

Co-Authored by:

Attorney Charles Pyke
with Robert Armstrong and Sanford M. Fisch

Book Details

This book, Estate Planning Basics in Georgia: 38 Common Questions About Estate Planning, is a groundbreaking contribution to the vision of estate planning supported by The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys and our attorney members. It provides simple, easily understood answers to the 38 questions most asked by clients in a convenient and inexpensive manner. Estate Planning Basics in Georgia: 38 Common Questions About Estate Planning is a valuable asset for consumers and estate planning professionals as well. With an estimated $14 trillion in inheritances changing hands by 20501, it could not be more timely or important.

It is not unusual for clients to end meetings with their estate planning attorney with hugs, making the field one of the most enjoyable, and rewarding fields of law. Why then do some clients, perhaps most clients, expect estate planning to be an overwhelming and painful process? For consumers, the difficult and emotional issues involved combine with a lack of understanding that freezes people into inaction.

Because each chapter is confined to a separate question, the book’s organization is both a comprehensive overview and a quick reference for consumers. Readers will find the book easy to pick up and put down as it dispenses valuable and time saving information.

This book serves as an informative guide to help consumers gain greater knowledge and make better decisions that will impact their families for generations to come. Some of the questions answered in our book include:

  1. What is the difference between a Will and a Living Trust?
  2. What is Probate and can Probate be avoided?
  3. How do I know if a Revocable Living Trust will be better for me than a Will?
  4. Can someone contest a Trust like breaking or contesting a Will?
  5. Are there alternatives for managing property when a person becomes incapacitated?
  6. How can I leave my estate to my spouse tax-free?
  7. What is a step-up in basis?
  8. What is the generation skipping transfer tax?
  9. What is all this confusion about my IRA?

After reading this book, you will have the knowledge needed to make an informed decision about getting started on – or updating – your own plan. This is a must have for all families looking to protect their hard-earned assets and pass their legacy on to future generations.

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