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Most people don’t realize that our estate planning/elder law firm takes a holistic approach to helping our clients protect themselves and their assets. In reality, getting help from an experienced estate planning/elder law firm is one of the best things you can do if you are serious about achieving financial security. Our firm knows the legal tools you can use to protect your assets so you can make wise choices when it comes to your money. However, Estate Planning is only one of the five key areas in your personal financial world. The other areas include Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Retirement Income Planning, and Investment Planning.

Pyke, Presley & Associates, P.C. only practices law, and estate planning is only one of the five key areas in your personal financial world. In order for our law firm to fulfill its mission statement of “Helping people to be good stewards of all that has been entrusted to them.” we needed to have a way to help clients address the other four key areas.  As such, when a family on-boards as a client of our law firm, they become eligible for a complete financial check up with CAPTRUST, a member of our family of firms. The professionals at CAPTRUST provide a comprehensive financial check-up.  If you have a great estate plan but won’t make it through retirement without running out of money that’s not good.  Or if you are ensured of not running out of money in retirement but lose your nest egg to long term care, nursing home costs, or a lawsuit, that’s not the result you intended.  That’s why a financial check-up is so critically important.  If you want to make sure all five key areas are working optimally and to protect your future security, give them a call today at 770-507-0025. They will provide you with a list of what to bring to that financial check-up.  There is no charge for the financial check-up.  We believe no one should struggle with making wise financial choices, so give them a call today for personalized advice that will provide you with a solid financial foundation.  CAPTRUST can also answer questions including:

  • Will I outlive my money? What steps can I take to not outlive my money?
  • What could wipe out my nest egg?
  • Do I need a financial plan?
  • How does financial and estate planning work together?
  • How can an Atlanta financial advisory firm help you?

Do I Need Financial Planning Help?

Financial planning help can benefit everyone, whether you are good with money or whether you have no handle on your financial situation. Getting help with your money issues can also be important whether you are making a lot of money or whether you are living paycheck to paycheck and worried about how the bills will be paid.

If you are just getting started in your financial planning process or you are having trouble living on what you earn, a financial planner can help you to explore options for smarter spending, for automating savings, and for taking advantage of tax breaks which can make it easier to save.

If you are good with money and think you are well on your way to building wealth, the advisors at CAPTRUST can help you to protect what you have acquired. They can work with you to make sure you are taking advantage of all tax breaks for saving. They can also help you to protect assets from the unexpected.

Whatever your situation, a member of our family of firms will be able to discuss your money situation and your goals and will create a plan that will help you to create the type of financial security you’ve been dreaming of.

What Does Financial or Estate Planning Assistance Involve?

The actual steps that a financial planner or attorney will take when representing you are going to vary depending upon your situation. When you work with an attorney at Pyke, Presley & Associates, P.C., some of the things your attorney may help you to do include:

  • Creating a power of attorney. This will allow you to ensure your money and property is managed appropriately in case of incapacity so no asset value is lost if you become unable to manage your own investments.
  • Creating a Medicaid plan. This will make it possible for you to protect assets and to not have those assets counted when determining if you are eligible for Medicaid coverage. By ensuring you can qualify for Medicaid if you need it, you can avoid losing your nest egg to nursing home costs.
  • Creating a business succession plan. If you have your own company, an attorney can help make sure you can pass it down to the next generation.
  • Creating an asset protection plan. Your attorney can assist you in identifying risks and causes of loss, such as irresponsible heirs or estate taxes. A plan will be put into place to mitigate or eliminate those risks.

These are just some of the different kinds of financial planning help which clients can receive when they turn to Pyke, Presley & Associates, P.C. for assistance.

How can an Atlanta Financial Planning Advisor Help?  

If you live in Atlanta, Peachtree City, Stockbridge or surrounding areas, the attorneys at Pyke, Presley & Associates, P.C. or the financial planners at CAPTRUST can provide assistance with financial advice. Give us a call today at 770-507-2500 or contact us online to learn more about how a member of the Pyke Family of Firms can help you and your family.

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