Pet Planning

Most pet owners take their responsibility to their animals seriously. You know the health benefits that pets bring to your life and you appreciate the joy your animal companions bring you. As a result, you likely want to ensure your pets are cared for no matter what, even if something unexpected happens to you. There are ways to provide protection for your animals over the course of their lives and an Atlanta pet planning lawyer can help you to explore your options.

Pyke, Presley & Associates, P.C. can provide invaluable assistance with the pet planning process. We know how much you love your animals and we will provide you with guidance on the different legal tools you can make use of to ensure your pets are always provided with a safe and stable home and even some treats. Give us a call today to find out about how the pet planning process works in your situation and to get answers to general questions including:

  • When is pet planning important for pet owners?
  • What should I included in pet planning?
  • How can an Atlanta pet planning lawyer help?

When is Pet Planning Important for Pet Owners?

Pet planning is important for anyone who makes the choice to own a pet. Bringing an animal companion into your home is a commitment that you take seriously and you want to ensure that your animal is cared for throughout all of his life. This means that if something happens to you, you should have provisions in place so your animal will have a home and be financially provided for.

While seniors are often aware of the possibility they will end up outliving a pet, many younger people do not think about a future in which their animal is left uncared for. The reality, however, is that an illness or an injury could strike anyone at any age. If you suffer a medical problem or pass away, your pet could be left in a precarious situation.  

When young people get sick or injured, it is often an unexpected medical emergency – which means no one may even be thinking about what happens to your animal at the time. If you have a plan in place, your pet won’t be left in dire straits and your animal will be protected.

For pet owners both young and old, you want to ensure your animal never ends up homeless or in a shelter environment. This means that as soon as possible after bringing your pet home, you should talk with an attorney about how to plan for your animal’s safety and security.

What Should I Include in Pet Planning?

The most basic of pet plans will include making provisions for your animal’s care after you are gone. You should name someone who will take over as a pet guardian and you should ensure you have confirmed with that person that they are able to take on the responsibility of bringing an animal into their home. You may also wish to consider selecting  backup animal caretaker in case your first choice in guardian becomes unable to invite your pet into their home after your death or incapacity.

For many pet owners, you want to do more than just ensure your animal does not end up homeless. You may wish to make sure your animal will enjoy at least a certain standard of living, will get certain treats or experiences the animal likes, and will have vet care covered to attend to all medical needs.

You can set aside money for your pet and put this money into a trust. In your trust document, you may name a trustee who will manage the funds and make sure the money is used to care for the pet. You can even provide very specific instructions in the trust document about exactly how the cash or assets should be used to enrich your pet’s quality of life.

How Can an Atlanta Pet Planning Lawyer Help?

An Atlanta pet planning lawyer at Pyke, Presley & Associates, P.C. can help with the creation of a pet plan which is as simple or as comprehensive as you desire. We will help you to make effective use of the legal tools which are available to you so you can be a responsible pet owner and ensure your animal always gets the very best of care.

To learn more about the pet planning process and about the services our legal team offers to pet owners in Atlanta, Peachtree City, Stockbridge, and nearby areas in Georgia, give us a call today at 770-507-2500 or contact us online.

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