Don’t Buy Long-Term Care Insurance

Don’t buy long term care insurance! Most of the time, that’s what we tell our clients. We know you want to protect your family from the financial burden that would come from an unexpected long-term illness or injury and, in some cases, it may be appropriate to have long term care insurance. But there can be a lot of issues with these policies, and we deal with them every week.

Before buying long-term care insurance, know your options! Did you know that there are ways to leave your assets to your surviving spouse, or any beneficiary, protected from being cannibalized by long term care or nursing home costs thus eliminating the need for long term care insurance?

In our free estate planning seminars, we will teach you about all of the options available to you. You will gain the tools you need to protect your assets and your family’s financial future in the case of a costly long-term care event.