Estate Planning is a Women’s Issue

Let us tell you about our experience meeting with clients, and it will explain why we have chosen to transform our practice to be centered around serving women.

In our experience 80% of the time the husband dies first or experiences an incapacity first. So the attorneys within our firm find ourselves sitting with a woman who has just lost her spouse or is now the caregiver for her spouse. The next most recurring scenario is the widow who becomes incapacitated and we are sitting there with her daughter who is now the primary caregiver. These women are often frightened and full of worry. Suddenly they feel like they have lost some of their financial security and independence.

If you are a woman, or if you have an important woman in your life, you need to attend one of our Estate Planning Seminars. These classes are designed with women in mind who are eager to learn and who strive to be good stewards of their wealth.