Does Everyone In Your Family Need a Healthcare Directive?

If there is a medical emergency, can you act when needed? If your child or grandchild were admitted to a hospital and you were hours away, and you call the hospital, will the hospital provide you with information about their condition or treatment? Will they ask your permission or opinion on treatment or resuscitation? NO. Why is that? Health care is private. How can you fix that?

Every member of your family over the age of 18 should have a health care directive. That health care directive authorizes you to inquire about medical conditions, help make medical decisions, access medical records and admit or discharge to medical facilities.

In our free estate planning seminars, we will teach how to obtain healthcare directives and powers of attorney and store them in a way that you can access them immediately when needed. We will also teach you about the other critical pieces you need to have in place in case of a future medical emergency, including healthcare and financial Power of Attorney documents.